So, what is the deal with all the red at HCC?

We get asked that question many times, and frankly, the real answer begins with just one person: “Granny Barb” .

Barbara Jane Harrison (1945 – 2021) was a huge influence on our company colors and will be dearly missed. She was the widow of company founder Deryl Harrison (1945 – 2000), and mother to current company president, Bill Harrison. Red was Granny Barb’s favorite color and early in our company history, as the story goes, Bill decided to use red as part of the company logo. Over time, red became a much bigger part of Harrison contracting as we began to use it on our clothing, vehicles, and equipment. Eventually, red became a focal point of our advertising campaigns, our buildings, and even our parking lot stripes at our main offices in Villa Rica, GA.

Red is more than our company color, its our culture

Today, “RED” permeates everything we do. We have intentionally defined ourselves as Reliable, Experienced, and Diligent.


Reliable is about trust. We work every day building that trust by doing what we say we will do!


Experienced is about our applied knowledge. More than simply “been there, done that”, we review all projects weekly to apply our learnings and eliminate complacency.


Diligent is about our earnest desire to do our work well and do it right. When issues arise, we work quickly and purposefully to resolve them.

Rely on Red

Iconic Red Poster Ads


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