Safety and Quality are our #1 priority

Harrison Contracting Company maintains a safe environment for our workers and our customers. We accomplish this by providing on-going training from our in-house safety director.  Our objective is to lead the commercial painting and facility maintenance industry in safety performance. We are committed to being the safety leader in our industry.

Your safety is our first consideration

We provide the proper state-of-the-art equipment, the most professionally trained staff and we maintain an ongoing safety training and certification initiative to ensure total job safety and your satisfaction.  Our commitment to maintaining a safe environment means that we staff a department that continuously monitors job sites around the country to ensure total compliance to OSHA and our personal safety standards.

Safety Training | Harrison Contractors

Follow Scott's travels to quality check our work!
Follow Scott's travels to quality check our work!

Safety training is part of the job

At great expense to the company, we regularly bring in all employees from the field for safety training. In addition to making sure that employees know how to operate all equipment, we teach the safety procedures that include everything from operations to safety harness practices.

Many of our projects are conducted in retail or commercial environments where our customers’ employees or the public are in and around the facility. Our people are taught to be attentive to every aspect of their job so as not to endanger themselves or others in the vicinity of where they are working.

Safety is job #1

Snapshots from our 2020 Annual Safety Day.