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How We Do What We Do

Over the past five years, Harrison Contracting Company has made a significant investment in our logistical capability to ensure that we come to you in the most efficient ways possible when it comes to commercial painting and facility maintenance. This ensures that we are not only capable of delivering on our quality assurance, but doing so in a timely and cost-effective manner.

With this approach to our work, every week we can review over 100 projects to ensure safety and quality controls. This has allowed us to continue our focus on quality growth as we can cover multiple regions of the country with planes and vehicles. Our efficiency here builds dependability and partnership.

Follow our travels using the tail numbers listed below and see when we’re in your neighborhood!

N944HC | N946HC | N947HC | N948HC



We have invested significantly in our capability to be where we need to be in order to assure quality across all of our project sites. This has been very intentional to ensure efficiency and extend our reach and delivery on our reliable, experienced, and diligent culture!

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