Harrison Contracting give a check to Upson-Lee High school


In March (21-22) Harrison Contracting Company attended the CEFGA Skills USA Career Expo (we posted it here). During that event, we connected with a school teacher from Upson-Lee High School named Ben Lowe.  We talked with him and learned that one of his high school kids (Austin Pitts) actually won the Skills USA state competition and would be going to compete at Skills USA nationals.  During the discussion with Ben, he shared that they had raised some money for the trip but were still fundraising for the remaining $500-$600. It didn’t take Calvin Pate and Sean Gillespie long to offer that Harrison Contracting Co. would donate $700 toward the trip including a Harrison logo cooler and some additional supplies/goodies. The money will go toward helping offset the cost for Austin Pitts to compete in the Skills USA nationals competition. Read more about the Skills USA competition here (https://www.skillsusa.org/competitions/skillsusa-championships/).

Additionally, some of the photos below are of a “tiny house” project that Mr. Lowe and his construction class have undertaken. The school will be selling the tiny house at the end of the year to raise additional funds for the construction department. Plus, they are also trying to raise additional funds for a trailer to transport the tiny house. See more photos of this tiny house project here.  You can help Ben Lowe’s fundraising efforts if you are interested in supporting his worthwhile projects, you can contact him through his Instagram account or the schools Facebook Page.


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